Green Bird

It's not easy bein' awesome.

I’ve always liked the song “Bein’ Green.” Kermit sings it. Ray Charles sings it. Two musical giants right there. Well, one musical giant and a musical frog. Still, impressive. But the thing I love about the song is that it’s not just a Muppet kids song, it’s a song for people who are different. I’ve always suspected I was different. This has been substantiated many times over through peculiar and suspicious glances in my general direction and the occasional direct statement of fact.

“Adam. You’re weird/different/strange/odd/bizarre/you’re own person.” Ah, Thanksgiving.

But it’s also about people who blend in with ordinary stuff. It’s not just that we’re different from other people, it’s that we grow up as background scenery. We’re not Zach Galifianakis. We’re not Ben Stiller. We’re one of two ferns on the interview set.

At the bridge, the song transitions from bemoaning the familiar, nondescript nature of greenness to celebrating its vibrancy, grandeur, and overall sparkliness. I guess I can identify with both blending and sticking out like a green thumb. But I’ve never felt so close to the song as I did when I heard Andrew Bird’s version, a track off the Green Album (full of Muppets songs and nostalgia and wonderful artists such as Weezer, My Morning Jacket, and Rachael Yamagata). Give it a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

Wait, you were disappointed? Pardon my French.

Couldn’t listen because of flash restraints? I understand. Flash isn’t for everyone. Here’s something more YouTubular:

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