A Brief Interview with Colin

Colin is kind of the man.
When he looks into the distance, he sees snow.

I asked Colin a few questions I pretty much knew the answer to, after he expressed his desire to wear no pants despite the rather drafty nature of the house last night. I laugh when people say, “Colin, you’re going to be cold.” Because no, he’s not.

Colin, have you ever been cold?


Can’t you remember at least one time when you were cold? Like when you get out of the bathtub or go outside with no coat and no shoes?

Um . . . no.

What’s your favorite season?


What is your favorite thing about winter?

I get to play in the snow!

And you don’t mind the cold?

No. I like it.

So. There you have it. He’s not, nor will he ever admit to being, the slightest bit cold. Keep in mind, his second favorite season is summer, because he gets to play in the sand. He likes to play in stuff, that’s really the bottom line.

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