Sometimes (most of the time) I don’t care what the song means. I really don’t. Not for my personal enjoyment, anyway. If I’m going to discuss a song with someone else, I usually feel assume some ridiculous need to explore the lyrics and find a deeper meaning than what comes to mind right away.

Except, that’ crap. The musician’s intended meaning isn’t the deeper meaning, that’s the most simple explanation of a song. The concept of some string of notes and words and interwoven sounds and silences arousing an emotion within my soul independently of the author’s intent? That seems deeper to me than a conscious reason behind the song. So go ahead and tell me what this song means if you’d like. I know what it means to me. Can’t quite express it in words. But I’ll try:

I want to cry.
I like these tears.
You can’t see what fears my eye
imagines    on the other side
of the great divide between you and me and now and then and where we are and the far-away together

so. i wait but not
i love you now and see you later

I just like the song and how it feels like I’m with you.


And honestly, I don’t even know what that means.

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