Valentine’s Day Poems, made to order

‘Tis the season to wax poetic. It’s Valentine’s Day TOMORROW, and if you were looking for a way to make the gift you give, the flowers you send, or the card you write extra special, nothing does that better than a personalized poem. Except maybe diamonds. Or gold. Or a new puppy, I don’t know. But I do know that whatever level of gift or romanticism you’re planning, a poem is, if it’s good, the perfect way to take Valentine’s Day to another level.

But if you are stuck at “What rhymes with ‘violets are blue,’ ” I can help. It is not too late to take advantage of my custom poetry writing service. At least, it won’t be too late if you order by 3 o’clock central time today, February 13.

Just fill out the contact form, give me the details of what you want the poem to be, and I’ll take it from there. And don’t worry about the fee. Whatever you choose to pay is absolutely fine.I will except donations anywhere from zero dollars to infinity bitcoin.

Again, to ensure you get your custom written poem by midnight, just fill out the contact form before 3 PM CT. Thank you and happy Valentine’s Day.

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