Trump executive disorder places ban on comfort zones

A man who says leaks are both illegally obtained and falsely fabricated is lost in panicked insanity. No one feels comfortable with that man leading the country, and that’s a great thing.

If necessity is the mother of  invention, then comfort is its birth control. Whatever level of greatness we can boast, America has enjoyed a great deal of comfort over the last few decades (at least the prevailing majority of us have). Lethargy, complacency, and, at worst, relatively quiet dissatisfaction have sprung from our collective comfort. Unlimited wifi, mobile everything (including coffee), limitless entertainment options, and mentally stable leaders have appointed our spacious, cozy bubbles quite conveniently. All of this is good, nice, and awful. 

When we’re feeling so comfortable, there isn’t always an irrepressible desire combusting within the engines of our souls’ most productive chambers. We’ve needed very little to keep us comfortable, so we’ve cared very little about changing the minor imperfections in our world. 

And then Trump happened. It’s hard to feel comfortable when the leader of the free world comes unhinged every day at dawn. He puts us all on edge. It doesn’t really matter where you stand politically, you really can’t feel comfortable. Maybe he compels you to protest. Maybe he gives you nightmares. Maybe he merely turns up the volume on the voices you find most irritating/frightening. But the constant unrest, drama, lies, and buffoonery surrounding Trump and everyone associated with him leaves absolutely no one feeling comfortable. 

And that’s the only redeeming quality of this presidency. Because people care about politics again. People care about news again. People care about truth and discussion and true apolitical justice again. 

Some people care enough to protest. Some care enough to speak up, call their congresspeople, even listen better to what others are saying. Others are just motivated to change things themselves. 

What I’m seeing, though, is a major drop in apathy. No matter how crazy, argumentative, disheartening, and scary things have gotten, people care. Trump has robbed us of our cultural comfort, and it’s waking us up to our personal responsibilities to play a role in progress. 

Thanks, Donald. Bigly.  

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