49 Random Sales Tips

Prologue: “Life is pain, highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.” The Dread Pirate Roberts

So, assuming there’s more to life than pain, here are 49 random sales tips. 

49. Help. Always try to help. Be helpful, and generally everyone will be happy with the results. 

48. Breath mints. I recommend small Altoids, peppermint. 

47. Listen actively and presently. 

46. Think before you speak. Or at least make it look like you are. 

45. Don’t assume you know what the customer wants. If he/she hasn’t said it out loud, there’s a good chance neither of you know. 

44. Calm down. 

43. Anti-perspirant. 

42. Go easy on the cologne. 

41. Just general odor management is key. 

40. Remember: failure is fun. 

39. Learn to love the word No

38. Don’t take anything too personally. 

37. Believe Yes. 

36. Sell. 

35. Be creative. 

34. Be honest. 

32. Like yourself. 

31. Like your product. 

30. Like your job. 

29. Love your family. Remember who you’re working for and why. 

28. Be present. 

27. Pause. 

26. Don’t pay any attention to people who randomly give advice. 

25. Don’t eat from the McDonald’s Pick 2 for $3 menu without an exit strategy. 

24. Be a friend when you arrive and when you leave. 

23. Keep going. 

22. Doggedly pursue solutions. 

21. Shut up. 

20. Admit what you don’t know. 

19. Drive the scenic route. 

18. Look people in the eye. Not as an act. Do it to take a moment to recognize the humanity of whoever you’re with. 

17. Drink lots of water. 

16. Don’t drink too much without an exit strategy. 

15. Breathe. 

14. Ask questions. 

13. Take notes. 

12. Have fun. It’s not that hard to do. 

11. Be mindful of your energy. 

10. Keep good snacks in the car. 

9. Get organized. 

8. Stay organized. 

7. Get organized again. 

6. Remember that people love stories. Especially when they’re relevant, insightful, and help people understand who your company is and how you can help them. 

5. Keep your own stupid personal stories to yourself unless you’ve got a really good reason to tell them. 

4. Pay attention to the whiskey offerings to use in your Old Fashioned. 

3. If you’re making a list of randomness, keep it under 25. 

2. Don’t give anything away. 

1. Believe in yourself. No, seriously. You got this. 

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