The Return of Daily Trivia

Way back when, I used to send out a daily trivia email. It would typically feature some type of commentary on some bit of ridiculous news or something. People on the list would send me their answers, and I would reward the winners by… mentioning them in a follow-up email. Pretty high stakes.

Unfortunately it got too expensive to pay everyone in words, so I discontinued the daily trivia ritual. The trivitual, if you will. But I decided I would reintroduce it as part of my initiative to continue blogging close to every day. I’ll just include a bit of trivia with every post.  So here it is, the first trivia question of the new era:

What celebrity did Donald Trump sue in 2013 for $5 million for breach of contract?

3 Replies to “The Return of Daily Trivia”

  1. The correct answer: Donald Trump sued Bill Maher for failing to pay him the $5 million Maher wagered in a joke (in which he bet Trump couldn’t produce proof that his father was not an orangutan).

    I’ll award credit to Dina. Why not?

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