I am slowly, gradually, glacially easing back into the world of social media. It has been a pretty extensive break, though not a complete one.

There are a few things I’ve learned about the role facebook and twitter (and whatever other site du jour I might have experimented in) played in my life before my like/follow dormancy. I’ll share them randomly:

I’m still capable of inhaling and exhaling without the assistance of Internet memes.

I don’t miss twitter fights and/or facebook debates in the slightest.

I still don’t really get someecards, especially now that everyone just makes their own.

There are still a lot of cats on the internets.

People are nice.

People are mean.

Generalizations are stupid, except when they’re right on.

I still have a hard time trusting events on facebook.

Facebook credits have yet to become the new world currency, though they also may slightly outvalue the dollar.

When you take a significant break from tweeting and posting and blogging and whatever, you kind of lose your place in line. Engagement is built and lost over time, and it can’t simply be renewed at the drop of an @.

I have missed writing a lot. A lot. I miss a lot of the people I used to connect with. I miss the way social media could make that happen instantly, but . . . I’ve completely rediscovered my appreciation for distance. Goodness, it’s a necessity. So much more important than clout. Or Klout.

All Willy Loman seemed to want was to be well liked. There is more to life than that.

It’s good to get back into things, but I doubt I’ll ever be anywhere close to as submerged in social media as I used to be.

Okay. A happy day to you.

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