Friday Playlist – Trivial Again

Another Friday, another playlist, another wish I was more faithful with trivia, and another long-awaited question:

Who was the last person to set foot on the moon?*

And here’s the playlist for those unable to listen:

“Hate it Here,” Wilco
“Every Day I Write the Book,” Elvis Costello
“That’s How I Got to Memphis,” Solomon Burke
“Fast Car,” Tracy Chapman
“I Turn My Camera On,” Spoon


Friday Trivia/Playlist

Today’s trivia comes with a playlist instead of some fancy shmancy verbosity (though verbosity is no slouch of a word). And the question should be easy, even though I had to look it up because I couldn’t remember it to save my life. But remembering things without looking them up is your job. Here’s the question:

Who was Marie Antoinette’s husband?

Now, enjoy today’s five-song playlist. Or don’t. (In case you can’t access the player, I’ll just tell you the songs:

“It Could Make You Cry,” Brett Dennen
“Send Me on My Way,” Rusted Root
“Going to California,” Led Zeppelin
“Heavenly Day,” Patty Griffin
“Maybe I’m Amazed,” Wings

Wednesday Trivia, 6-1-2011

Normally I’d do some kind of intro here. Then some pointed commentary. Then it would get really funny but nonsensical. I’d tie it all up with a line that can’t decide between sincerity, humor, and cryptic pontification.

Instead I’ll just ask a question because I’m kinda tired.

In what year did McDonald’s first serve the McRib?

Wednesday Trivia

Today’s question is short and bitter. I missed the Cubs game yesterday. So here’s the question:
What was the score to the Cubs game yesterday? Bonus if you can tell me what Castro did. (And remember, no looking it up. This one is especially tempting, even for me.)

Tuesday Trivia 5-24-2011

Some of those are really tall
Start counting.

I’m back in Chicago. City of big shoulders. The windy city. The city that sleeps sometimes, because come on. The city of brotherly mutual admiration. The city of pizza and hot dogs and Rahm Emanuel. My kind of town. The land of the free and the home of the Bulls. Where everybody knows your name, but they just call you “Hey.” The place with the helpful hardware man. The Second City. The nickname capital of the world.

Also the topic of today’s question. Here it goes:

Of the six tallest buildings in the United States, how many are in Chicago? (bonus points if you can name them all)

Monday Trivia

It’s been awhile since my last trivia question (and it might be awhile longer until the next one), but I thought it would be fun to try to get trivia going again. Now that I’ll be back in the world of routines, I might as well add some daily rituals that are slightly more enjoyable than setting the alarm clock for 5 AM and braving Chicago traffic. For a good 8 or so years, posing trivially awesome questions was one of my favorite parts of the day. Then it stopped being part of my day. I’m not really sure why. Maybe I was amazed by the way it loved me all the time. Maybe I was afraid of the way I loved it.

Anyway, here’s to renewing the best and least important parts of the daily grind. I give you, today’s question. Only answers in the comments will count for official trivia points. Oh, and really quick, let me remind you of the trivia rules:

  • You can use any information that was in your brain before you read the question.
  • You can ask friends, family members, coworkers, or random passersby for help.
  • You cannot ask a friend, family member, coworker, or random passerby to consult said reference materials.
  • You cannot use any reference materials (i.e. books, newspapers, the Internet) to look up the answer.

I think there was a trivia code or something, too. I wonder if I can find that . . . eh, maybe later. Okay, today’s question, and it’s an easy one (or is it?):

To what kind of book is the Caldecott Medal awarded annually?

It's the Caldecott Medal, hooray
You've seen this thing before, but where? Come on, you know this. Unless you don't.