Poetry Samples


Be they long or be they short,
Make you cry or giggle snort
Read them morning, noon, or late
Or when you cannot sleep too great.
Poems sync up with your rhythms,
You can teach great lessons with ‘em.
Some are simply beautiful
Or a bit emotional.
Poems meant to read aloud
To your mom or to a crowd.
Poems written just for you
By your boyfriend, pal, or boo.
Songs about love, war, or snot.
Words that rhyme, words that . . . sound different.
These are poems just for you.
(But everyone can read them too.)


I have one hundred fingers, man, that’s fifty on each hand.
I don’t see why that’s such a big surprise.
I have some problems you ten-fingered folks can’t understand,
Stop staring at me like I’ve got three eyes.
My manicures take half a day (those extra nails aren’t free).
It’s harder than you’d think to pick my nose.
The phrase “fits like a glove” means absolutely zilch to me.
And middle fingers? I’ve got none of those.
“How many fingers am I holding up,” I sometimes ask,
but no one ever seems to get it right.
And not pointing at people is a simply hopeless task.
It’s not my fault I’m always impolite.
It’s really no big deal if you think about it, though
(it’s downright ordinary if you don’t).
I could list at least a hundred stranger things, you know,
And keep track of them too . . . (Relax, I won’t.)
The nice part is it takes no time to finger-brush my hair.
And shadow puppets are my specialty.
I play the whole piano with twelve fingers left to spare,
There’s never been a back scratcher like me.
So if we ever meet, I hope you’ll give me a high five,
And I’ll give you a nice high fifty back.
Don’t cry for all my extra fingers, no, you are deprived.
I mourn the ninety digits that YOU lack.


You are brown. You are taupe. You are opal.
You are good.
You are nice. You are mean. You are hopeful.
You are good.
You believe in God. You believe in love. You believe you fell from the stars above. You believe Mohammed, Buddha, Christ.
You are good.
You have messed up. You have done well. You will find heaven. You’ll feel like hell. You are, from all that I can tell,
Quite good.