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My Blogs
Kelloggs v. 3.4
Personal: photos, stories,
American Idol  and Lost
recaps, random observations
Kellogg Daily Trivia
Trivial: daily trivia questions,
competition, random
Bible Gets Real
Devotional: daily explorations
in the Bible and applications to
what it means for us
Diction Addiction
Verbal: discussing the stuff
of word nerds, sans the
haughty grammatical pretense
Satirically Correct
Political: punditry gone rogue,
silly meets serious, and still in
awe of Aretha's hat
Musical Ripoffs
Musical: because sometimes
a song sounds too much like
another song to simply let it go
And Counting
Tragical: 101 years of
pennant-less Cubs baseball
and the desperate quest to
end the suffering.