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Online or Email Content
Electronic communication can be extremely effective not only for staying in touch with the people
who support you, but also for raising new support. Especially if you receive donations online, email,
social networking sites, personal Web sites, and blogs provide excellent opportunities for raising

Electronic communication:

  • Should be just as well written as a printed letter, although usually shorter
  • Includes links to your giving page . . . always
  • Provides timely updates on your work
  • Reflects your personality and your passion for your work
  • Should be delivered and/or updated much more frequently than other correspondence
  • Reminds a reader why he/she does or should support you financially
  • Informs your readers with relevant, easy-to-read updates
  • Creates an emotional attachment with your support base
  • Can be available for posting/sending in 2 business days or less

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FAQ: I don't want to offend my friends; is fundraising on Facebook rude?